2019 MRCC Clothing Store

Thank you for visiting the MRCC's clothing store. We can guarantee that the new design will not be changed for at least 2 years.

We want to ensure that everyone orders appropriate quantities and sizes as we will not be purchasing very much extra stock. Please refer to the guidance below before ordering.

Rider Profiles:

Casual Rider - rides once to twice per week

  • Minimum - 1 garment - either skinsuit OR (1 short + 1 jersey)
  • Recommended - 2 garments - 1 skinsuit AND (1 short + 1 jersey)

Racer - rides at least 3 times per week and/or races

  • Minimum - 2 garments - 1 skinsuit AND (1 short + 1 jersey)
  • Recommended - 3 garments - 2 skinsuits AND (1 short + 1 jersey)

NOTE: We welcome parents to order garments for themselves also.


Please refer to the following link for sizing guidance from Giordana. These are general tips and are not garment specific. Each garment in the store has a description that provides a bit more detail about sizing.

Giordana Adult Sizing NOTE: Youth sizing is described with each youth garment.